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Founded in 1992, Fujian SBS Zipper Science and Technology Co., Ltd has become the first listed company of the zipper industry in 2006 China Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (Stock code: 002098). SBS headquarter office is located in the beautiful Shenhu Bay of Jinjiang City, Fujian province. SBS Zipper has five manufacturing bases scattered around China in Fujian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dongguan and Chengdu. SBS Zipper's national wide manufacturing and distributing system constitutes solid basis for our future development.SBS has been the No.1 sales brand of china more than 10 years and the second largest zipper manufacturer and distributor worldwide. 


China Zipper Industry Leader and the Constitutor of National Industry Standard


SBS is the first well-known trademark of China zipper industry, having been awarded as the Symbolic Brand in the Zipper Industry of China for three consecutive reelections. As the leading enterprise in China Zipper Industry, SBS Zipper is the group leader of China National Zipper Industry Standard Association, as well as the China Zipper Center. SBS Zipper has been engaged in Research and Development, manufacturing and marketing of reliable and fashionable zippers and supplying professional services. We utilize our technology, human resources, economy of scale, brand and capital operation advantages to service our clients and partners both at home and abroad market.


A Practitioner Guiding Zipper Industry Growth with Its Technology and R&D


    SBS Zipper has been committing itself to technological innovation and R&D to promote enterprise development for more than 20 years. SBS is the State-level Enterprise Technical Center, State-level High-tech Enterprise, National Patent Communication Station, China Zipper Industry's Only Post-doctoral Work Station and Zipper Industry Academy etc. SBS Zipper insists on continuous technological innovation, keeps transforming traditional industry with high technology and leads China zipper industry's development. SBS Zipper has got more than 110 types of national invention patents and utility model patents, more than 200 types of new process inventions and new equipments, more than 600 types of new products. What's more, 3 projects have been included in the national Torch Program and Spark Program. A number of projects have been listed as Key Projects and Spark Program in Fujian. After more than 20 years of accumulation and development, SBS Zipper has become the domestic most powerful zipper manufacturer on the aspect of technology R&D.

A Professional Zipper Manufacturer with Most Complete Products and Perfect Facilities

    SBS Zipper focuses on producing and selling SBS brand zipper series, precision molds, and metal, plastic pressing castings, which is the zipper manufacturing base with most complete products and perfect facilities in China. Our main products include metal, nylon and plastic high-quality chain zippers and finished zippers, various sizes of sliders and pullers. Besides we also offer metal, plastic and wooden buckles and other luggage accessories, all types of zipper moulds, processing moulds, tiny precision moulds and hardware moulds. We wish to take advantage of our economy of scale and complete facilities to satisfy our customer needs with our premium zipper products, accessories and services. We advocate Focus on Details to Fulfill Perfect spirit to achieve best quality and most strict inspection standard. We have about 6000 sets of international advance automatic equipments and about 200 sets of imported testing equipments, upon from which stands the China Zipper Inspection Center. We are the first zipper manufacturing company which has passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification and Product Certification and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification qualification. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the Green Path privilege from China Commodity Inspection Bureau General Administration of Quality Inspection and Quarantine.


Fashion Leader of China Zipper Industry

     SBS Zipper held the world's first zipper theme fashion show in 2008 which broke the traditional ideal that zipper is only one type of accessory of garments and bags.  Our show opens a new era for zippers from functionality to decoration, raises the zipper fashion wave, accelerates the zipper fashion paces and upgrades zipper value in the whole industry supply chain. We are pursuing harmonized development with customers. Our Overall Solution mode: overall participation, overall communication, overall growth and overall expansion, has promoted the change of zipper industry growth pattern, the consolidation of more industry resources into R&D, design and innovation, and the new development model of zipper industry.


Strategic Partner of Numerous Domestic and International Premium Brand Customers


SBS positions in the middle to high end market and emphasizes a concept of Help Customers to Realize Values on each production and management step. SBS offers customers a full set of solutions from fashion design and precision manufacturing to professional sales and promised services. SBS products are exported to more than 70 countries and areas. SBS has won many domestic and international premium brand clients and become their reliable strategic partner. United Closer to Create Our Future is the core value of SBS company culture. SBS is committed to the win-win situation among the society, shareholders, staff, customers and partners. Our secret of success is to help customers to achieve their excellence and grow together with all cooperative partners.


SBS Vision: Century SBS, World Brand


SBS Zipper now has five manufacturing centers in China and is going globally. We ceaselessly extend new application fields of zippers, guide the enterprise to the high-end of value chain and realize the promotion of product technology and brand added value with advanced systemic management, technological equipment and R&D resources. In order to keep healthy growth, SBS aims at clutching advanced technology points, perfecting industrial structure, fostering new markets and strengthening the enterprise sustainability. SBS realizes the continuing value growth, creates values for customers and brings benefits to shareholders and fortune to the society through double-drive of product management and capital operation management. Nowadays, SBS is not only a zipper manufacturer, but also a distributor and motivator for fashionable culture. SBS is pursuing higher goals, practicing SBS People's mission and realizing the vision of Century SBS, World Brand with its confidence and strength gained step by step.


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